Environmental Monitoring

Monitoring of the average sea level in Peninsula Fildes, King
George Island.

Responsibles: Tte. Cnel. Gustavo Caubarrere – CF Niki Silvera
Institution: Instituto Geográfico Militar (IGM) Servicio de
Oceanografía, Hidrografía y Meteorología de la Armada (SOHMA)
Contact: gustavocaubarrere@gmail.com; sohma_oce_jefe@armada.mil.uy

This project encompasses two sub-projects that are carried out by the
Military Geographic Service (MGS) and the Navy Oceanographic,
Hydrographic and Meteorological Service (SOHMA). Through the
installation of sensors and passive (landmarks) and active (CORS)
stations, the aim is to determine with precision the variability through time
of the Mean Sea Level (NMM), in the first instance until completing a
nodal cycle (18.6 years), mainly in Maxwell Bay near the Artigas
Scientific Antarctic Base (BCAA). The data obtained will allow to know the
tidal regime in the area, help in the prediction and publication of the tide
table for the BCAA, contribute to the historical database of mean sea
level, and support logistic activities related to the coastline.