Vision 45

At its meeting on June 17, 2019, the Interministerial Cabinet of Antarctic Affairs approved a roadmap for the development of Antarctic activity in Uruguay by the year 2045. It defines the final state that is expected to be reached throughout this process, which he called Vision 45.


In 2045 Uruguay faces the process of revision of the Protocol to the Antarctic Treaty on Environmental Protection being recognized as a relevant actor of the Antarctic Treaty System (ATS). As a Consultative Member of the STA, it is valued for its capacity to articulate, and for its permanent, active, proactive and creative participation in the governance of the system.

This image is supported by the work of the Antarctic National Program (PNA). Multiple national governmental and non-governmental institutions participate actively and with commitment, and it has an organizational structure, an adequate functioning and budget, and highly trained and specialized personnel.

This work is the result of a State policy that derives from the national commitment and pride of being a Consultative Member of the Antarctic Treaty. These are reflected in the presence of the Antarctic issue on the national agenda and its incorporation into the country’s education programs.

This policy has allowed Uruguay to develop and sustain over time a broad, diversified research program articulated with other NIPs, to train national researchers with a defined polar profile, and to become a regional reference in the training of Antarctic researchers.

These activities are in turn supported by adequate air and maritime means, operating regularly and autonomously in the treaty area, and by permanent polar infrastructures that have been modernized and have technology and environmental standards appropriate to the polar conditions and regulations imposed by the STA. From these, expeditions and camps are carried out along the Antarctic Peninsula.