SCAR National Committee

Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR)

SCAR’s mission is to advance research, including observations from Antarctica, and to promote scientific understanding, education and knowledge of the Antarctic region. To this end, SCAR is responsible for initiating and coordinating international research on Antarctica and the Southern Ocean for the benefit of global society.

SCAR provides independent and objective scientific information advice to the Antarctic Treaty System and other bodies, and is the main vehicle for the international exchange of Antarctic information within the scientific community.

Descriptions of SCAR’s activities and scientific results are available at:

SCAR National Committee

In March 2018, the SCAR National Committee (Memorandum No. 602) was created in order to promote scientific research in Antarctica and to represent the Uruguayan scientific community at the SCAR international forum. It was made up of researchers who have made trajectories and contributions to the development of national research in Antarctica, and who are also committed to institutional strengthening and the involvement of other researchers in Antarctic activities.

The work of the committee will be articulated with that of the Scientific Advisory Commission and supervised by the Directorate of Scientific Coordination and Environmental Management of the IAU.

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