Any activity to be carried out in the Antarctic Treaty Area must necessarily go through the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) instance, specified in Annex I of the Protocol to the Antarctic Treaty on Environmental Protection.

After a project is approved by the National Antarctic Program, the Head of the Department of the Environment will send the Project Manager a form to be completed and sent in order to evaluate the environmental impact that the activity will have on Antarctic land. From this form it is also identified whether there is a need to issue special environmental permits either for entry into Antarctic Specially Protected Areas (according to Annex V) or for Harmful Taking or Interference (according to Annex II). These permits are only granted for scientific activities.

If necessary, the Direction of Scientific Coordination and Environmental Management will request the accomplishment of certain adjustments in the development of the project, in order to take it to a better environmental performance and to be able to fulfill this way with the established thing in the Protocol of Environment.