Presentation of new projects

The Instituto Antártico Uruguayo invites the scientific community to present proposals to develop scientific activities during the Antarctic Summer Campaigns (CAVs).

Interested researchers may submit their research proposals throughout the year. The deadline for the submission of proposals to be considered for this year’s CAV is 15 March.

The following scheme summarizes the process of evaluation and selection of proposals and projects.

To begin the proposal submission process, click here.

Main dates to consider:

  • Deadline for submission of new project proposals for the next CAV: 15 March.
  • Deadline for submission of new projects for the next CAV: 1 May.

Proposals or projects that are not approved in their initial version may be presented again. For their evaluation, the same deadlines and dates will apply as for those submitted for the first time.

  • Communication of selected projects for the next CAV: August 15.
  • Pre-Antarctic course for researchers*: first fortnight of October (2 full days).
  • Psychophysical evaluation of participants of scientific projects*: second fortnight of October.
  • Beginning of CAV: second fortnight of November.
  • End of CAV: second fortnight of April.

*Mandatory to be deployed to the Antarctic Treaty Area.


Department of Science

Directorate of Scientific Coordination and Environmental Management