First Antartic Science Day

The First Day of Antarctic Science will take place at the Uruguayan Antarctic Institute on Friday, October 1, 2021 from 9:00 am to 11:30 am (Montevideo, Uruguay, UTC-3). It will be held in virtual mode through the Zoom platform for 100 available places, and for the interested public through our YouTube channel.
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“Workshop on developing Antarctic research collaborations between countries”

Antarctica is a unique continent, which since 1959 through the signing of the Antarctic
Treaty is dedicated to peace and science. Its unique characteristics and its effects on the
Earth’s climate and the oceans make Antarctica an especially relevant area for scientific
research. Both the Antarctic Treaty and the Protocol on Environmental Protection
establish the importance of science and scientific cooperation in the Antarctic Treaty
System. In this context, the development of research collaborations between countries,
to promote the training of human resources, logistical and technological support, is
essential to enhance scientific research capacities in Antarctica.



-Opening and welcome

09:00 Brig. Gral. (Av.) Fernando Colina – President of the Uruguayan Antarctic Institute
(IAU), Dr. Erna Frins – SCAR National Committee (SCAR-Uruguay)


9:15 – 9:40 Tehjae Tsukada
Polar Knowledge Canada representative
Chair: Dr. Dermot Antoniades

9:40 – 10:00 Dr. Silvia Batista, SCAR-Uruguay
“Overview of Uruguayan scientific activities in Antarctica”
Chair: Dra. Natalia Venturini

10:10 – 11:30 Round table and discussion (in Spanish & English)
“How to improve scientific collaboration between countries for Antarctic research”

Confirmed participation:
Cap. (R) Albert Lluberas, Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty
Dr. Marcelo Leppe, Instituto Antártico Chileno, INACH.
Dr. Walter Mac Cormack, Instituto Antártico Argentino, IAA.

Chair: SCAR National Committee (SCAR-Uruguay)
Dr. Erna Frins; Dra. Silvia Batista; Dr. Susana Castro; Dr. Natalia Venturini;
Cnel. (R) Norbertino Suárez; Dr. Ernesto Brugnoli; Dr. Dermot Antoniades; Dr. Juan
Cristina; Dr. Franco Texeira de Mello.