Antarctic Day celebration

On Monday, October 7, the 34th anniversary of Uruguay’s entry as a Consultative Member of the
Antarctic Treaty was fulfilled, a condition we share with 29 other States.

Antarctica was the first independent continent, being also the only demilitarized (even when troops and military teams can carry out scientific activity and provide logistical support).

The Treaty reflects our country’s adherence to International Law and the purposes and principles set forth in the Charter of the United Nations; promoting peace through disarmament, peaceful settlement of disputes, and international cooperation between states.

When Uruguay joined to the Antarctic Treaty on 11 January 1980 as a state manifested their interest to reserve rights that could apply in Antarctica according to international law, without aspirations of
sovereignty over the territory.

Since then, our National Antarctic Program has managed to harmonize scientific activities and environmental management, with the development of logistics operations and advances in applied technology.

This set of efforts and advances are closely linked to the legal nature required by the Antarctic Treaty and the Protocol on Environmental Protection.

In this sense, Uruguay has always sought to agree and promote adequate management of the Antarctic continent, under the parameters of a relevant, collaborative and interdisciplinary science among the actors involved.

On the framework of the anniversary, two commemorative activities were carried out in order to reflect the country’s effort in Antarctic work.

The first event was held on October 7 in the Hall of Honor of the Central Hospital of the Armed Forces, in which the work of civil and military scientists, technicians and professionals who carried out activities in the Antarctic campaign 2018-2019 was recognized , as well as the Antarkos XXXIV Endowment.

The second event was held on October 15 at the Telecommunications Tower.

There the authorities of the Interministerial Cabinet of Antarctic Affairs made speeches alluding to the management of Uruguay in Antarctica.

In this activity the winners of the open call for dissemination projects of the national activity in that continent were announced.

The Sodre Chamber Music Ensemble closed the event.