Camaraderie breakfast in occasion of the Institute’s anniversary

On 20th August 2019, the Antarctic Institute celebrated their 44th official anniversary.

Foto en la que se observa en el evento las personas que integran el Instituto

For this reason, a camaraderie breakfast was performed between the members of the IAU and the applicants to form the next provision of Artigas Antarctic Scientific Base (BCAA) and Ruperto Elichiribehety Antarctic Scientific Station (ECARE).

During the event the President (CA) Manuel Burgos, greeted and congratulated to the members of the Institute for the commitment assumed and the quality of the work done. Also the Director of the Antarctic Training Center (CECAN), Cnel. (R.) Waldemar Fontes, reported significant milestones in the history of Antarctic work of Uruguay.

The existence of the Institute dates back to January 9, 1968 when a group of individuals constitute it, chaired by Professor Julio César Musso. In August of 1975 the IAU passes to the state orbit.
Since the beginning, the Uruguayan Antarctic Institute, as an administrator body National Antarctic Program, who coordinates inter ministerial efforts to develop activities in scientific, environmental, operational, technological and logistical areas.