Antarctica Day Celebration

Last Friday 13th the Uruguayan Antarctic Institute celebrated the Antarctic Day, which commemorates the 32nd anniversary of Uruguay’s entry into the Antarctic Treaty. On October 7th, 1985 at the XIIth Consultative Meeting held in Belgium, Uruguay was accepted as Advisory Member of the Antarctic Treaty, thereby becoming part of the group of nations that have a say in the decisions of the international community on Antarctica. In recognition of this event of enormous importance for our country year Uruguay celebrates October 7th as “Antarctica Day”

In the event diplomas and Antarctic emblems were awarded to those who cooperated in professional, technical and scientific tasks relevant to Uruguayan activity in the Antarctic Treaty Area.

A large number of people attended the event, headed by the Minister of National Defense, Dr. Jorge Menéndez, the Chief of Staff of Defense, Gen. Juan José Saavedra, the Commander in Chief of the Army, General Guido Manini Ríos, the Commander in Chief of the Navy Rear Admiral Leonardo Alonso, Directors of the Ministry of National Defense, other National Authorities, and members of foreign delegations in Uruguay.